The Pics


AROUND  three years ago, Rushall Olympic Football Club joined forces with Bolton Wanderers Football Club to sell and promote the GOLDLINE DAILY LOTTERY draw. Since then we have had several Jackpot Winners (£ 500.00) and numerous £ 10.00 winners, and the Goldline has raised several thousand pounds for Rushall Olympic Football Club.

We have a number of loyal members, who have been involved with the draw since day one, but like everything else we need more. Membership is just £ 1.00 per week and for every £ 1.00 spent then Rushall Olympic Football Club make 70% total profit.

Eg: 100 members @ £ 1.00 per week = £ 70.00 total profit to Rushall Olympic FC or 1000 members @ 1.00 per week = £ 700.00 total profit to Rushall Olympic FC

This draw has huge potential to become a massive, massive fundraiser for this football club, Quite simply we need to recruit more members, and if we can, then all profit goes to Rushall Olympic Football Club.

The draw is a simple one and there is a top daily prize of £ 500.00 to be won EVERY day, Monday to Friday and numerous runner up prizes of £ 10.00 per day. Results are announced here via the Official Rushall Olympic FC Website every Friday and also in the Official Matchday Programme.

It is that simple!

We're sure you could do with a nice cash bonus of £ 500.00, couldn`t you and each week there is also an extra draw. This begins at £ 250.00 and if it isn`t won then it rolls over by £ 250.00 per week to a maximum of £ 5000.00 when it has to be won.

If you would like to become a member or agent, please contact Commercial Manager, Terry Brumpton, on 01543-426 413 or 07771-802 048. Alternatively email