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Home | 08 October 2018
Birmingham County F.A. – Joel Richards Memorial Cup – Round One

Rushall Olympic 5-3 Dudley Town

A young Dudley team proved more than a match for Rushall in the first half. Although the Pics went ahead in the 16th minute when Jakob Burroughs headed home from Sam McCarthy’s free-kick, the Robins struck back in devastating style by racing into a 3-1 lead, courtesy of goals from Ronnie Barron (18th minute), Thierry Francis-Gordon (29th Minute) and Oliver Buchanan (36th minute). The stunned Rushall side did strike back with a fine goal from Brandon Herkes in the 38th minute.

Despite seizing control straight from the start of the second half, Rushall were held up in their search for equalizer until the 63rd minute when substitute Lucas Fallon converted a right-wing cross from Brandon Herkes. With the bit now firmly between their teeth, the Pics continued to press home their possession advantage. Their passage into the next round was sealed with a superb 25-yard goal from Jakob Burroughs after 72 minutes and a rare goal from Joe Pemberton in the 81st minute. Thus, although given a fright by Dudley, Rushall could lay claim to recovering from a 1-3 deficit to win 5-3.

Rushall Olympic
Brad Price, Ben Cadwallader, Nathaniel Graham, Sam McCarthy (captain), James Archer, Abdul Yekeen, Joe Pemberton, Troy Myles, Jakob Burroughs, Brandon Herkes, Lee Wood. Substitutes:- Lucas Fallon, Ethan Rushton, Ben Nightingale, Oliver Round (unused), Keiron Berry (unused).

Dudley Town
Joel Irvine (captain), Charlie Hill, Brad Bood, MacKenzie Ball, Ben Neilson, Ronnie Barrows, Declan Stubbs, Joe Mitchell, George Howard, Oliver Buchanan, Thierry Francis-Gordon. Substitutes:- Jack Hill, Kian Burborough, Kemp Turner.

Referee:- Mr. Paul Whitehouse